D Is For W

by Vile Imbeciles

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Fold my handsome charm, you roll sweat on, Creep, to soft, calm, Ooh, strap me on, Me on baby strap me on, With a wet mouth, you wiggle on Strap me on baby strap me on, Uncrowned elements of slack harm, Draw blood, Blood, in peach, Curiously, you’re buggin, me, Roll in ice cream, Dull basics roll your hope on hold, Embrace me by the elbow, Erasing partial holes, Ooh rolling back your skull, Groaning overtones, Sow your hinges on my velcro honey, Your greasy teasing lipstick chokes on it, It’s not my torn blackened minor chord, That rolls comatose in your strawberry sauce, Oooaahhh! Twilight kisses, Drop it in and stick a fringe on top of it, My vinaigrette, cold sweat, lingers on my fingertips, You’re damn soft, Cooking hot soup, The first course of horses’ hoofs, Horses’ hoofs It’s a volatile calm, Yeah a volatile calm, Rolling back your skull, Groaning overtones, Salty salty, black belt cream, Roll in ice cream, Shut me up baby, Strap me on, Cut me up baby, Strap me on, Shut me up baby, Shut me up, Strap me on baby, Strap me on.
Down, down, down, down, And you got, Water, when you wanna get down, Villanize and dramatise, You touch my switch on, black electrics, Icicle fits, you got in because of it, I uttered it unconsciously, Heavy, Digest the tip of my tail, I broke you in unconsciously, As you’re ringing my bell, Villanize and dramatise, As you're gonna tread your dead water in it, You ain’t gona soften it, Show me that you don’t need to know it Show me slowly, You got something to get awful, Freedom holds your mind closer, The summer’s hot, It breaks your heart, You got someone you can shut up, Freedom holds your mind closer, Hotter, hotter, hotter, hotter, hotter, As the summer’s heart pricks ya hard, I uttered it unconsciously, Down, down, down, down, You’ll wince a final shudder soon if I prematurely reminisce, Villanize and dramatise, Cease to exist
Angry mind grips on tight, All Frank wants is a crack for his wisdom, Don’t touch, Don’t split your signature, It’s what you write in your letters Don’t suck to reverse You’re not a public speaker, And if you’re dumb I’ll teach ya, To render your intentions into a simple sentence, That’s just a cover that you pull over your hair, I’m usually violent, I’m usually softly dripping spite, from my mind, Flip my pink curse, in your backwards style, Mankind grips on tight, All Frank wants is a stick to bite, in cold speech Drip my anger on your back, It’s fine, Seminal drops I drip on time, All gets stuck as I dance on your wisdom, Don’t suck, Don’t split your signature, It’s what you write in your letters, Enough...
Past tense, False pretence, Again and again and again I feel nothing, Can I take advantage with my parasitic tension, Flick me off your fingertips with deadened hopelessness, I’m a dead weight, I’m gonna dissipate, I could’ve said how I forgot it again, But then, If you think you like me then I think that you’re mistaken, If you feel my emptiness then I can drink defence, Suck out the feeling that you’re receiving, Dissipate, I got the shit, I got the shit to figure it, I got the right to decide my shit, Insignificant, My apathetic innocence, I gotta take a chance to make it nothing, False pretence, And over and over again I get stuck in, When you’re thinking of the manner of my disposition, Swinging through your padded truth, 'till I get through to you, I’m a dead weight, I’m gona dissipate, Now I’m beginning the start what I feel I can’t give in, Dip my fingers in the mix to show you can’t forsake it, Keeping my precisions bent, There’s no use holding hands, Suck out the feeling that you’re receiving, Dissipate, Past tense, False pretence, Over and over again I get stuck in,
When your lips touch mine, With your vicious kiss, Girl you hypnotise, with your sweet sweet kisses, If you don’t put the trash out, I’ll just forget it and muck around, Damn girl you got it, But you got it all wrong, I’m gonna simmer you up hot, Your soft and melancholic heart, Drips when your fever drops, I can dream it as you hold it up, Cause it’s hard you get nothing at all, And you noticed, how it all went cool, When your soul searching rubbish is done, Then you’ll notice how it all went, When you hold me I’m gona pass out, I just forget it and muck around, Although you fought it, And you got me so cross, I’m crawling deeper than you are, Lost in telephonic rust, Chip what you’re leaving off, I can breathe in as you hold it up
You’re wrapped in my obtuse fact, I hear, I’m the blank desire of nothing, Bare your un-design of suffering, And I can see what you need, If you can see the chocolate, And rock me with your silent tears, And I can share the opposite, Turn off the lie, Un-crease your tie, Make that roughness , Push it inwards, Hitch your skirt upon my hunger, Trick me closely, How can you be so unkind, If you get there, Miserable un-useful and un-precise, I’m a cloud of punctured wrinkles ripe for the cross, My tinsel hymn song fills hot crops in pissed off fear, Damaged crops, The prayer stops here, You’re wrapped in my obtuse fact, I’m the obtuse fact you’re wrapped inside,
Falling on your sockets, Throwing flowers in your shivers, Cut your teeth on hallowed ground, If you don’t kiss my crown, Lover boy , You could have seen my box of tricks, But you missed out on it all, You’ll shrink in my claws, You’ll play on all fours, Curled up in a ball, Simon says touch your toes, Then you go as low, Low as I always go, As you clutch my throat, Little did you know that you’re something that I can’t hold, Playing in the dark with your eyes closed, That’s nothing but a cold throne, I can hear it in the sound, How you play on all fours, Curled up in a ball, Dress up and stretch out, I'm sticking around
Zero comes under fascination, If you think you found me you got it all wrong yeah, You got better luck than you give yourself credit for, You love, holding my intentions, You got me by now, But I got me way back when, Cupid fucked with my secret, You built interesting walls to jump off of, You picked stupid thoughts, Take me down to your heart, Drown your freedom, Bite down on it, Dab on that freedom to your thought, Thinking about nothing hard at all, I’m gona tell on the start of your heart, Zero comes under fascination, Cupid fucked it with my secret, I’m gona tell, I’m gona tell on the start of your heart,
Bertie Lean 03:02
Unpacking dull lessons of your soul, Time to give up, Here we go, I’m running my tinsel under your nose Drop kick your feeling with the non- stick jilt, Rubber politics and leather, You can tear me up in dry bread, Good times, Scream on my Halloween, Insanity pulls in your dull person, I’m really caustic so I’ll burn me a swastika, Satirical elegance in your dreams popping, How I sink fickle truths, Dries in healthy juice, Graphic sympathy to break in a sweat, I count my designs and from a glimmer I’m fucking helpless, I’m the non- stick jilt on your dick, You gotta whip with that cue ball stick, Crush your diffusing rose, I’m in your backpack tucking at your sandwiches, I guess your blood is thicker when you scoff this raw, Daydream of trails, I’m your non- stick doubt, I’ll blink as one, I’ll shrink as one, I’ll mix my drink and I’ll sink as one, Bring me that dress and I’ll push my stops dead, Dead, dead, dead, dead Non- stick jilt, Happy sympathy to make your eyes wet, Count my designs improper round heaven, I found it, I’m the non stick jilt on your neck, Respect to the wall that your back’s on Back’s on, Back’s on, Respect to the wall that your back’s on I make the cracks that you break your facts on
Helpless 03:18
I woke up, And I could feel where your lips had kissed, Squeezing at my mind just to grasp it, Scrunching up/at my eyes to fantasize, Turn your camera on, And click the middle finger, Butterflies and nectar, Cross hell, Outta luck, Adjust the picture asswipe, Get lost in your passive shell, Hell’s big, So don’t you wanna get with it, You’re helpless, So don’t you wanna get with this / it, Walk alone, You walk alone, You’ll die on your own cause you’re dead to it, Gone, she's gone, aah, she's gone You define trouble, It’s you that fine tunes the design, And crumbles when you’re out of luck,
Dig it, swing it and dig in, Phew, rake it over / drink it open Dream it drunk and miss it, Maybe you’ve got a nice backside, But won’t you look me in the eye, How can you fault what’s so general, Through no fault of my own, I will half it, Traffic slapping my knees, Perhaps it traps in your heart of money, Save it for someone with no backbone, And don’t you push me with your toe, How can you bend what’s soaked in your head, Through no fault of my own, I get sorry vomit, Dragging my sleep starry, Gardens cramming in trees, Hold my head calm as I wake off your warning shots
Yes I’m gona bury you in death, I guess cause you’re the only rubbish one, I can see the colour of your tears, As I stick your head into the sun, Why don’t you see that you got a fairness I tap to get off on it, Not that you can stop my kiss and tell when you try to rub it back in, I don’t understand it but you’re gona mess me innocent, Cause I don’t want it slipping, I don’t comprehend it but I got what you getting again, What you get is what I got, Yes I’m gona bury you in death, I can see the colour of your lips, Isn’t there a way that you can help me forget, But I been thinking shit for years, But I been thinking shit for years, I’ve been thinking shit for years that you cannot hear, Isn’t there a way that you can help me forget, I don’t know for sure if it was all null and void when I caught your eye, I can feel your crushing misery as I dry up and neutralise
Don’t your comprehension stretch over the moon, You’re stupid and gotta prove it, As I warm down I break you too, And I cry, bitterness and rudeness to prove your strength, If my sole intention was to comprehend you, I’d see there ain’t nothing to it, Though you’re well fed it makes you sad, Bitterness and rudeness to prove your strength, It’s just a thought in your unimpressive heart, Perish on the thought, You got the rubbish that I get on, If you don’t get off that river, Clean your feet, Wash your hands, Dive bomb into my quicksand, I’ll make you sink into it until you can’t think, While I shake myself around your skin, Always this bad, Wash your hands on it,
Throw my voice so you can floss your teeth, Curl in your woman’s health, And you’re gona play dead as you fuck yourself, Just leave your tears in your handbag, I’m the worm with the cigarette burn, That you’re rubbing on when you get a bit hurt, Weird cause you’re real, As you peel your silhouette from your fat figure, So what if I’ve been fitting carpet to the gutter, Armour you’re ripping off to fit the noose tighter, How bout you twist in a little bit of kindness, I’ll be strong if you drench in sense, A woman like you, a woman like me, I raise my chest and rain on it, I drink by the grass and I graze nothing, Cause without me you’re gona revile me, Without me you’re gona revile me, Don’t allow it to defile you, Don’t allow it to deride you, Don’t allow it to divide you, Don’t allow it to decide, You’re spick and you’re span but you fake your prayers, The smell of divorce on your breath, Cause it’s not you flip on truth, That you fold in and breakdown to, Break your will you fade down on, Girl you’re a swimming pool, And you’ve got a deep end that I’m sinking in, Just leave your tears in your handbag,


released October 3, 2011

A Cameron Devlin/Steve Santa Cruz record

Producers: Steve Santa Cruz, Tim Loud, Andy Huxley, Cameron Devlin

Assistant Producers: Caspian Rospigliosi, Evan Reinhold, Deen Lim

Engineers: Tim Loud, Andy Huxley, Adam Barraud-Rahman, Deen Lim

Mastering Engineer: Cameron Devlin

Artwork: Jill Strong


all rights reserved



Vile Imbeciles Brighton, UK

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